Claphaminstitutet på bönefrukost i Finland

Claphaminstitutet har genom direktor Per Ewert deltagit i Finnish National Breakfast i Helsingfors. Under dygnet på andra sidan Östersjön har vi även haft arbetsmöte med vår finska systerorganisation Kompassi.

På onsdagskvällen hölls en särskild mottagning hos Finlands utrikesminister Timo Soini för internationella gäster, där Per Ewert lämnade över en gåva till kvällens värd, och höll följande anförande:

Foreign Minister Soini, Ambassadors, brothers and sisters in the Lord,

On behalf of the Clapham Institute and the Swedish delegation at the Finnish prayer breakfast I wish to express my gratitude for your kind hospitality and for the initiative to arrange this prayer breakfast and side arrangements here in Helsinki.

Sweden and Finland share a close historical relationship of almost a thousand years, and we are thankful for the strong bonds between our nations over the centuries. From the Swedish delegation tonight, I also wish to express how much we appreciate your positive and good relationship with the state of Israel, Mr Foreign Secretary, and we hope that your leadership on this issue could be an example for others, also for our own nation.

Two weeks from now, we will celebrate Easter, and the living memory of how Jesus of Nazareth gave his own life for the salvation and liberation of the world. Freedom seldom comes without a cost. This applies also in earthly politics. As a sign of the strong ties between Sweden and Finland, I wish to hand over a gift to you, Mr Foreign Secretary. It is a new book titled “Finska inbördeskriget”, by two Swedish historians, about the process a hundred years ago when Finland became independent from Russia. At the end of the book is a list of all the Swedish citizens who gave their lives for Finland’s sake in this war. Freedom seldom comes without a cost. We see the heavy load your nation carried during the Second world war, and we deeply admire your endurance during the hardships you have experienced as a nation. During the second world war, there was a saying in Sweden: “Finlands sak är vår”, Finland’s business is ours. This saying applies also today, and we hope that this understanding is mutual.

Earlier today I have met with the leadership of the Finnish Christian think tank Kompassi, and we look forward to a deeper cooperation among the Nordic countries. With this gift, I wish to appreciate and underline the close relationship between our two nations, and we hope for this relation to grow even stronger in the future, both in the world of politics, and also for the even larger kingdom of God.